Every Relationship Is Important - Astro Upay

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Every relation is important in life. Due to movement of planets one can stay away from good relations. This happens due to combinations of Mercury-Rahu and Saturn-Rahu.

Every Relationship Is Important - Astro Upay

Maternal Uncle & Aunt: If you do not love from maternal uncle then you do not make progress. You have conflict in your home. Wear silver chain from your mother’s home. Chant “Om Shram Shrim Shrom Saha Chadramashye Namah”. Feed poor on full moon day.

Grandmother & Grandfather: If you do not get support from grandmother then you must have strengthen your main planet. If you do not get love from grandfather then a person have many diseases. You must have to see Sun to get rid of this problem.

Uncle: If one does not get love or support from their uncle then they become emotionally weak. They also face problems getting fame and prestige. You can chant Adityahriday Strot. You must have to do this on Sunday.

Cousins: If you do not have good relations with each cousin but have good relation with 1 or 2 cousin then you will get success. But if they do not like you then you have to face problems in your life. You may have to face financial problems. You must have to feed horse and monkey on Tuesday.

Aunt: If you do not have good relation with aunt then your speech is not good. You do not work cleverly. Donate anything to Kinner on Wednesday. You can also get benefit by worshiping Sun.

Extra Remedy: If you do not government job then buy 5 plates of brass and keep it in your kitchen. Drink water frequently in it.

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