Astrology Upay to Get Success in Exam/Education

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Are you weak in studies? Do you want to improve in your education? here is some astrology tips you need do to get success in education.

Astrology Upay to Get Success in Exam/Education

Get Success in Exam/Education
You will get good degree if your Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are strong. Effect of good planets during nectar helps you to get good degree. Many times due to Saturn’s effect one cannot get degree. It also happens if Mars and Saturn are together. Sun and Jupiter also affects the same way.

You must have to chant Adityahriday Strot for 3 times. You will get success due to strong Sun. You must have to see sunrise.

You must have to do such remedy for Jupiter. If your Jupiter finger is small-big or it becomes flexible then you will face problems in your study.

You must have to chant “Om Brum Bruhaspatey Namah” with rosary of turmeric. You can also do “Om Hrim Shrim Sarswatey Namah”. You have to offer yellow flow to goddess Sarswati.

Take 3 copper coins and tie up in green threat. You should wear it in throat on Wednesday. You can also take responsibility of serving cow.

Take bottle of Gangajal and mix raw milk and hide it in lonely place on Monday and Wednesday.

Extra Remedy: You must have to start new work on auspicious time. You will definitely get success. Write your work on a paper and keep it in front of lord Ganesh. Offer Durva and Supari to lord Ganesh.

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