Astro Upay to get Success in Exam - Astrology Tips

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Jupiter is the planet which always gives positive result. Everyone has to give exams in their life. It also maintains the respect and prestige. It gives peace when you are in tension. You can make anyone such as idol, dainty, teacher or friend as an idol.

Astro Upay to get Success in Exam - Astrology Upay

Success in Exam
Girls who get failure in the exam repeatedly they should make hole in their nose. Wear silver or copper wire in it. Boys can fill one bottle with Gangajal. Add silver wire in it and keep it with you.

Take pottery and add sugar in it. Keep it on your study table. You must have to keep this in any big bowl which is filling with water.

If you have problems in chest or lungs or mother remains ill or you do not get success then do not drink milk at night. You must have to donate milk on every Monday.

Also, whenever you go for a good work in a day then you must have to eat any sweet product which is made from milk. Drink only water if you are going at night.

A person who does not get support from anyone or people leave them then they should avoid constructing house. You must have to donate milk on Monday. You must have to wear silver ring in first finger. It should be worn on Monday or Thursday.

Extra Remedy: You can strengthen your Sun by donating 5 almonds to poor on every Sunday.

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