Astrology Remedies for Low Confidence - Astro Uncle

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There are sometimes when people who are fully prepare for something but on the exam day, they felt low confidence because of some confusion. What to do when we got in to low confidence? here is some astrology remedies for to get up your confidence. 

Astrology Remedies for Low Confidence - Astro Uncle

It happens many times with children when they read they become uncertain and get low confidence. Take 5-6 teaspoon pomegranate juice and add ½ teaspoon rock salt and honey. You have to take this at least 2 times in a day. You have low confidence due to less power judgment.

You can wear iron ring in middle finger. Seat in the middle of the birds and feed them sweet chapatti. Birds cannot fly away from those whose Rahu is good. You must have to eat saunf and drink more water to take good conclusion/decision.

Keep pulp of banyan in pottery in night and eat in night. You can add mishri for taste. Do not add sugar in it. You can get mental peace by wearing root of banyan tree on Sunday. You should tie up it in white thread. It also helps us to increase the focus.

You reduce uncertainty by wearing copper ring in middle finger or thumb or copper ring in middle finger and silver ring in thumb.

Extra Remedy: Never wear locket in throat. Keep green gram in pottery and donate it to poor once in a month. You should do these remedies to avoid wasting time.

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