How to Maintain Relation With Elder Brother/Sister - Astrology Remedies

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Are you having bad relation with your brother/sister? check how to maintain relation with brother/sister via astrology remedies by astro uncle.

How to Maintain Relation With Elder Brother/Sister - Astrology Remedies

Maintain Relation
You should do such remedy to maintain good relations with your elder sister/brother. If a person has strong/weak Mars then he cannot get happiness from his elder brother/sister. There might be sourness in relationship. Guardian should not do partiality between the children.

If a person’s second, third and eleventh place is weak then they can find faults from each other. Also due to their weak Mars their relationship will be broken.

Do not compare your child with others. Child don not listen your advice when their Mars is weak or strong. They have bad speech. They will hurt their siblings. If Mars is weak then siblings may exploit their brother/sister. When they become capable the conflict will increase.

If there is gap between mind line and life or such lines starts from thumb and comes to life line. If they cut from life line then the relationship will be broken or might be conflicts between them.

Do not make partnership with your elder siblings if your Rahu-Mars or Saturn-Mars is weak or together.

Remedy: If you have hair fall and itch problem then you can use oil on it. You have to take medical advice. Donate Amla or Amla food for 11 Wednesday.

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