How Papaya is related with your Luck - Astrology Connection

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Papaya is good for health. Papaya is good for liver. Luck is also related to papaya. Papaya and the root of papaya are very helpful to your luck. Astro uncle is explaining how papaya is related with your luck in astrology context.

How Papaya is related with your Luck - Astrology Connection

Papaya is related with your Luck
Papaya is very fruitful for any problem which relates to Jupiter. If there is a bad time of Jupiter then you can eat 100 Gms papaya every day.

Take seeds of papaya and dry it. Add black salt in it. Bugs from stomach can be removed by eating this seeds on morning-evening.

You can also save from devil eye by wearing papaya seeds in throat. You have to wear it in black or red clothes on Tuesday or Saturday.

You can get benefit by eating male papaya. You can get rid of from getting education by wearing root of papaya in throat.

You should eat papaya after taking lunch/dinner. Do not eat cultivated papaya. Do not add any spices in papaya.

You should remove the shell of papaya before eating. Do not drink water immediately after eating papaya. Laziness removes by eating papaya.

If there is aging or pimples on face then you can scrub the papaya on your face. You have to wash it with lukewarm water and cotton.

Extra Remedy: If you do not get your debt then you can donate milk on Saturday. Take small ball of silver and keep it in Gangajal at your home. You will get more benefit by avoiding use of such products which is made from dead animals.

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