Predict Future From Children's Leg - Astro Upay

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Your child's leg is having some problem? here is astro uncle explaining how you can predict future of your children by their legs.Check astrology importance of children's leg.

Predict Future by Children's Leg - Astro Upay

Predict Future by Children's Leg
Legs are very important for everyone. One can also know child’s future by checking their legs. Having flat leg is not good sign. It creates many problems. Having tight knee is also not good sign. Many children have rough legs. It also create problem.

Due to lack of muscles/calcium sole become flat. Their Mars, Rahu and Saturn are not good. It affects their third, six and eight place. They do not get good position. They are lazy, not able to run and get obesity.

Flat legs increase the struggle in life. You will get benefit by taking education, teaching others, serving cow, idol and temple. You can also get benefit by planting tree. You should do such remedy for Jupiter.

If child walks by moving his leg or he has flat legs then you have to do such remedy. You should take medical advice. He can donate batashe keeping in red handkerchief on Tuesday. He has to do this life time. He has to wear copper bracelet in right wrist on Tuesday at the age of marriage. He has to worship lord Hanuman. He also has to server poor and ill people.

Such children have more gaps between their fingers. It shows you have to struggle in their life. It may be due to bone deficiency. You should take medical advice. They have to drink milk adding turmeric. It can be drink till the afternoon. You should avoid adding sugar in it. You have to wear gold or brass ring in index finger on Wednesday. You have to keep 5 brass vessels in your kitchen. By doing these remedy you will get rid of from struggle.

If Mars is weak or Saturn is in Pieces sign then child have pain in their legs and ankles. Take lukewarm water and add salt in it. You have to keep your legs in it. You can also use choker and keep your legs in it. You have to wear cozy shoes. You have to feed flour to the ants.

Remedy: If you are government employee and you have eye problem then you have to chant Adityahriday Strot. Take root of banyan tree tie up in white thread and wear it in neck on Sunday. You have to donate gram on Sunday. You can donate sugar cane juice to poor or old people.

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