Unique Tips to Identify Problems - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Do you feel somethings some illusion about to happen something wrong? here are some tips by astro uncle to identify problems on bad time.

Unique Tips to Identify Problems - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Identify Problems

God give us sign when something goes wrong. It is depending on us whether we can know it or not.

If there is spot on luck line or it becomes light then there might be some problem occurs. The luck will decrease. You may lose your opportunity. You have to do such remedy to give strength to Moon. You have to work hard and do not do arrogance. 

You have to make good relation with mother. You have to serve your mother. If she does not stay with you then you can call them and take care of her. If this is not possible then you can also donate milk products and bow to such women or elder women who are close to you.

If you have pain in legs then you can do massage with mild hot eucalyptus oil. You will get benefit.

If you have conflicts in home on small topic then it indicates that you may have serious problem in future. You have to serve cow, dog and crow for 5 Amavashya. You have to avoid conflict. You have to keep water on north side. You have to light lamp in the evening. It vanish the conflict.

If your home remains unordered then it indicates you may have problems. You have to keep your home in order. You have to remove unused stuff from your home. You will get peace and anxiety removes.

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