How Education Subjects Related to Planets - Astro Upay

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Which subject is connected to which star and how. Which subject work for your success. Check new astrology upay for How your stars are connected to different subjects.

How Education Subjects Related to Planets - Astro Upay

Education Subjects Related to Planets

Commerce (Accounts): The education of commerce mainly depends on Mercury. The subjects of accounts in commerce have relationship with Mercury. If your Mercury is good then you can understand easily. 

If person is talkative and spontaneous they are good in accounts. If you have problems in accounts then you have to eat more green vegetables and fruits.

Commerce (Theory): To having strong theoretical knowledge one’s Mercury and Jupiter should be good. Those who are talkative, fatty, eat sweets more their Mercury and Jupiter both would be strong. 

They are good in theoretical subjects in commerce. If you have problems then you have to dainty Laddoo to lord Ganesh on Wednesday.

Law: Law has relationship with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. We have to check many characteristic for this. A person who is little fatty and good personality they are perfect for the law. 

If you have problems then you have to do fast and see hanuman on Saturday.

Science: Science is the main subject of Sun. Some part of it also relates to Mars and Moon. Person who are hard working by nature and responsible they have strong Sun. 

They get benefit by studying science. If you face problem in science then you have to offer water to lord Sun and eat jaggery.

Mathematics: Normal mathematics comes from Mercury and complicated mathematics comes from Mars. Those who have courage, thin and young they have good Mercury and Mars.

They can perform well in maths. If you are facing problems in this subject then you have to eat lady finger and green pepper.

English: Children who comes from rural background they find difficulty to understand English. Any foreign language can be learned by Rahu-Ketu and sometimes by Saturn. 

Those who have arrogance and rude speech they have good Rahu-Ketu. They can learn any foreign language easily. If you are facing in English language then you have use blue color and eat foreign food.

Advice: If you are businessman and do not get success then you have to keep image of goddess Laxmi who is seating on lotus. You have to offer rose every day in the morning.

Good Luck: You have to offer mala of Tulsi’s leaf. It vanish the diseases and accidents.

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