How to Avoid Separation in Relationship - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Life is very difficult. Sometimes we met such people with whom we become dependent. There may be conflicts with them, they go away.

How to Avoid Separation in Relationship - Astro Uncle ke Upay

How to Avoid Separation in Relationship
When your Sun, Mars and Rahu affects you then people go away from you. You may have misunderstanding. When they go away you realize the situation.

Take one coconut. Write that person name on it with Asthaghandha and offer it to Goddess. You have to keep there until it becomes dry. When it becomes dry you have to change it. You have to do this on eighth or ninth of Shukal Paksh.

You can feed birds’ sweet chapatti until you cannot meet the person who goes away from you. Make one silver cover and keep one Supari and person’s name. You have to keep this cover in front of Bhairav Baba or Goddess Durga. 

Flow 5 almonds in the water. While flowing it you have to memorize that person’s name that you want to meet. You have to say such words in the ears of cow.

Special Remedy: When your mind feel disconcert then you have to eat orange. You will get benefits.

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