Astro Tips for How Should be Your Visiting Card?

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Munshi Premchandra says that when you have to time from yours and when we are empty from problems, let us happens to meet not you are empty not us empty. Here is some tips for you, Astrology tips on how should be your visiting card.

Astro Tips for How should be your Visiting Card?

astro tips visiting card
In this world this proverb is perfectly right. We know each other but it is difficult to remember that where and when we have meet. Today, everyone used visiting card to make communication effective.

In this you have to make sure that how is your visiting card? If visiting card can be made according to vastu then your communication and business get progress. Before knowing more understand that how you coordinate your visiting card with vastu. Keep your visiting card in front of you, the upper side is east side, bottom is west, left is south and right is north.

Visiting card should be right angle. If it has odd angles then it disturbs the communication and may be it breaks.

It is important that what you have written in visiting card in sides. You can write your name on the top of the middle. Write mobile number on south-east side. Write your organization name and address on south-east side. Because it is the side of stability and generality.

You have to choose the color of visiting card according to birth chart. Trademark, monogram, swastika, Kalash and Ganesh Ishan side is considered as good. 

To make good visiting card, keep middle place which is called as Brahma place should be empty. Beautiful visiting card gives you happiness and attractive personality.

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