Shani Jayanti Puja and Significance With Shani Janma Katha - Shani Jayanti 2016

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India people and devotee of Lord Shani will celebrate birth anniversary of Lord Shani on 4th June, 2016 as "Shaneshwar Jayanti".  Check below the Significance, Shani janma Katha and how to do shani pooja on shani jayanti.

Shani Jayanti Puja and Significance With Shani Janma Katha - Shani Jayanti 2016

Shani Jayanti
The Shani Jayanti 2016 will celebrate on saturday 4th June, 2016 on Amavashya. On this day, there is legislation of special worship. To impress Shanidev you can do many mantra and Strot. Shani is the main planet out of the nine planets. Shani moves slowly so that it is also called as Shaneshchar. 

According to legendary tales so many things discussed about Shani and one can see its effect clearly. Shani is the owner of air and west side. According to scriptures, one can get special benefits by worshiping Shanidev on Shani Jayanti.

Shani Janma Katha

There is one famous tale known on Shani Jayanti. According to that Shani is the son of Surya dev and his wife Chaya. Suryadev married to the daughter of King Daksh namely Sangya. After some time they have three children’s namely Manu, Yam and Yamuna. By this Sangya has spent sometime time with Surya however she cannot tackle the power of Surya. She finds difficulty to tolerate the light of Surya. Sangya left her shadow to the Shani and left. After sometime from that shadow Shanidev’s birth occur.

Shani Jayanti Puja on Shani Jayanti 2016

On the occasion of Shani Jayanti one can do special worship. It is saying that one’s problem can be vanishing by donation or worshiping Shanidev on this day. You have to wake up early in the morning on Shani Jayanti and take bath. After that you have to bow nine planets and establish the iron statue of Shanidev and bath it from mustard or sesame oil. You have to worship them and do “Om Shaneshwaraye Namah” Shani Mantra.

You have to donate all worshiping products. You have to do fast and worship its mantra on this day. You can use sesame, lentil, black pepper, peanut oil, pickle, cloves, tejpata and black iodine. To impress Shanidev you have to worship Hanuman. You can donate black cloth, berries, black lentil, black shoes, sesame, iron, oil to get benefits from Shanidev.

Significance of Shani Jayanti

On this day, devotees go to the Shani temple. They go to the main temples of Shani dev and worship him to get rid of the problems. The color of Shani dev is Black or Krishna Varna so that he loves black color. He is graceful in black clothes. According to religious beliefs Shanidev born on Amavashya of Jayestha month. 

From the time of born, Shanidev’s color is black; he has long body, big eyes and long hair. He is the god of justice. He is yogi, busy in austerity and always helps others. Shanidev is called as the god of justice. He gives all the fruits of one’s work.

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