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Planets give such habits like Good planets give good habits and bad planets give bad habits. The body language is not only for communicated. They can know the effects of planets. Check how can you improve your planets with your body language, from astro uncle.

How Body Language Improves Planet - Astro Upay - Body language right - Kismat bright

How Body Language Improves Planet
The good planets give good effect on body language. Body would have energy and power. However if the bad planets give bad effect on body language. Body would not have energy. Head and body show the conditions of the person. Also one’s hand and legs also show the conditions of the person.

Some people have anxiety. Their legs would be shivering. Their hands would be opened and closed. Male have more problems. Shivering legs is the indication of weak Rahu and Mercury. They cannot consider as a good result. It indicates much type of disease and failures. They can start the work but they cannot complete that work. This type of people does not like too much people. Others also do not get attraction from this type of people. This type of people can do their bad during the age of 26-28 and 31-34 years.

You may get loss due to immaturity, impatience and wrong decisions. They loss their trust from others. If this type of people have hair fall during the age of 26-31 years then they have to work hard till the age of 42 years. If they have irritation in stomach then they have to take care more of themselves. They may get failures, social problems. They may also have heart, liver, blood pressure problems. You can open your fingers quickly and close them. You can take walk on grass. You have to take proper sleep. You have to eat light food after the sunset.

Many people have habit of moving their neck. This habit cannot consider as a good habit. It shows that the person have imbalance in their thoughts and personality. They should worship Sun. If such people have this type of habit then their prestige decreases. They lose their respect due to unknown person. People who are doing liaison and Marketing work they have to quiet this habit. They should do meditation and worship Sun.

Many people talk eye to eye. It shows the good sun and moon. When we are good at our work and have strong mind then this habit occurs. If one has confidence in their eyes and has good politeness then Sun and Moon gives good result. People love this type of person. They can get success at the age of 23, 25, 28, 36, 48, 52 years. This type of people must give respect to their mother. They have to take measure to give strength to Moon.

Many people concentrate on others face while talking. It shows over confidence which gives bad results.

Such people have habit of moving their eyes. This type of people is good in their communication. They can attract others easily. This type of people has good Venus. It gives good result to them. They have to take care during the age of 22 and 27. They have to keep themselves away from flirting. They have to always tell the truth. They have to make control with opposite sex.

People who have habit of moving their neck and eyes they have less confidence. They cannot work for long time to achieve their goals. They may have habit of criticism. Due to criticizing other their progress would be stop.

People who have habit of handcuff their Saturn and Jupiter are strong. They have good knowledge and have perfection in their work. However if their hand goes under the arms then their Jupiter would be weak. They have fear in their work. They cannot share their knowledge and thoughts with others. This type of people works hard in their life. Open hands shows confidence and honesty in a person.

If one’s hand moves by attaching their chest then it is considered as a good habit. It shows the balance in one’s personality. If their hands come inside then it shows less confidence. It shows weakness in body. If hands open outside then it shows the boldness in person. People who have open chest they have quarrel nature. They have less tolerance power. They may have loss of prestige and money. They have to take support from an idol, mother and pundit. They get patience and prosperity. They have to avoid non-veg and liquor.
How Body Language Improves Planet

Some people have habit of rubbing their hands. This habit is not good. One should quiet this habit. It does not give good result. It shows the thought of mind and shy personality. They have dominating nature. If one has talent then they automatically dominate others. The habit of dominate others with constraint is wrong. They lose their prestige due to dominating nature. They have to wear gold ring in index finger.

Some people have habit of seating openly. It is not considered as a good habit. It shows weak Rahu and Mars. People who shake their hands with each other they love by others. They keep respect for others. People who shake their hands with recession they are intoxicated. This type of people cannot take interest in others. Such people shake hands with zeal they have desire to meet for a short period of time. Their hands are strong. If they have politeness then their Mars would be good. They have happiness in their social and professional life.

If person does not have politeness then they have to work hard in their life. However those who have habit of opening shoulders and giving small Jerk they have sharp brain. They have desire to talk only regarding their work. They can know anyone’s secret. If someone keep their hand inside and shake them then they want to know your thoughts of mind. They have sharp mind. They are very active in their interest. Their life depends upon the strength of Jupiter. They can do “Om Bruh Bruhaspatey Namah”.

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