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If you follow some strict diet according to your planet position, then you also improve your planets with  easy way. Here is some way to improve your planet by eating according to planets from Astro Uncle.

Eat According to Your Planets - Astro Uncle

Eat According to Your Planets - Astro Uncle
The major diseases are already in the body from the childhood. When the position of planets move then these disease comes out.

If you do such measure from the childhood then they cannot create big problems. If you take food according to your planets then you can avoid many big diseases. We should avoid such food which affects our weak planets.

If the lower part of index finger is broad then they should avoid oily and deep fried food. It increases the gout, acidity and cough problem.

If Mountain of Sun is downward then you should avoid such food by which bones become powerless. You have to be careful regarding cough and bile. This type of people has to take calcium. They also have to avoid oily and deep fried food.

If one has health line in their palm then they have to avoid eating oily food. People having health line in their hand they may have acidity, lung, neck and backache problem. They should eat light food.

If one has genetically problem then they should take care from the childhood of the children. If Mountain of Venus and Moon are upward then children should use less sugar. Do not diet children for high calories food. They should control on this type of food.

If Mountain of Saturn is downward then breathe problem occurs. The reason of breathe problem is obesity. If Mountain of Saturn is upward then due to lungs and food pipe person have breathe problem. Children can do Anuloam Vilom. They can also do Bhastrika and Pranayama.

Children can keep silent for two minutes and also they can do meditation. If Mountain of Saturn is downward then you should eat less cold and sour food at night. You should take walk.

If Mountain of Mars is upward or there are cross on that or Mountain of Mars is downward or Mountain of Moon is weak then this type of people have blood pressure and heart problem. Children should do Anuloam Vilom. They should avoid juicy and non-veg food. They have to use Ghee. You can drink water and take walk after eating oily food.

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