RajYoga of Mars - Check Importance of Mars in Astrology

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Mangal is considered the commander of planets. It is the biggest planet of security. Mangal is the owner of Aries and Scorpio zodiac. Mangal gives courage, confidence, and power. Mangal protects the person from ups-down of life. In the horoscope, if it provides Rajyoga, then the person gets success in young age.

Ruchak Yoga: It is the Panchmahapurush yoga of Mangal. This yoga becomes when Mangal is in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn zodiac. This yoga makes a person mighty. A person goes in army, police or power field and gets a high position. Do not misuse your power if you have this yoga. You should help others.

Lakshmi Yoga: This yoga becomes when Moon and Mars are together in the horoscope. This yoga is more effective if it is in the center (Lagan, fifth or ninth) or center (Lagan, fourth, seventh, and tenth) house. People never face a shortage of wealth. A person takes birth in the commonplace and become rich. People of this yoga found in a high position. Control on your speech and nature. Help others through wealth and power.

Dashmasth Yoga: In the horoscope, the tenth house is the main house of fire. Mangal becomes very powerful in this house. In this yoga, the person illuminates his family name. A person does hard work but also gets success in career. In this yoga, the person gets success in the field of technical, army, or land. In this yoga, the person should take the family along with him. Worship lord Sun regularly.

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