Saturn Retrograde 2019 - Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

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Shani is still in Sagittarius Sign. He is going to the Retrograde on 30th April. The effect of Shani will be more powerful. The result of Shani increase on many zodiac signs. There will be a sudden change.

Aries: There will be a success in career and wealth. They can go on many journeys. Take care of an accident.

Taurus: Every pending work will finish. They will get success in conflict and litigation. The problem will be solved.

Gemini: There will be a change in career. The expense will increase. There might be conflict in marital life.

Cancer: There will be a change in career and life. The relationship can shatter. They may relocate and work hard. There are chances of getting a child.

Leo: The problem of life will be solved. The financial condition will improve. They should be ready for relocation.

Virgo: There will be a change in employment. Relatives may create a problem. Take care in financial transactions.

Libra: They may face a health problem. There might be a problem in career. Avoid an accident and conflict.

Scorpio: There will be an improvement in employment, social life, and health. There will be welcome changes.

Sagittarius: The expenses will increase. Take care during journeys. There might be a problem in employment.

Capricorn: The career and wealth will improve. Avoid staying lonely. Take care of your financial expenses.

Aquarius: The problem will be reduced. They will get wealth and respect. The interest will increase in religion and god. Take care of health problem.

Pisces: They may go on a long journey. Stress and anxiety will decrease. The pending work will be finished.

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