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Every food product relates with different planets due to their color and property. Planet gets power from the food, which we eat. Therefore, one should eat that food which strengthen the require planet to strengthen.

Rice: Rice relates with Moon. It keeps mind and body calm. Those who get anger or stress they should eat rice. However, if Moon is suffering with Rahu then avoid rice.

Lentil: Different color lentil relates with different planets. Yellow lentil relates with Jupiter, red lentil relates with Mars, black lentil relates with Shani and green relates with Mercury. 

However, lentil completely relates with Jupiter. Eat yellow arhar lentil to strengthen Jupiter, masur lentil to strengthen Mars, black urad lentil to strengthen Shani and green pea lentil to strengthen Mercury. If Shani is weak then avoid having lentil.

Wheat: Wheat relates with Sun. Having wheat products strengthen Sun. Those who wants physical power and fame, they should eat wheat products. Family relations improve by regularly having wheat roti. One should eat roti in afternoon.

Spices: Different spices relates with different planets. Overall, spices relates with Shani and Rahu. Use turmeric to strengthen Jupiter. Cumin, clove, black pepper and big cardamom is used to strengthen Shani. 

Red chili strengthens Mars. Green cardamom and saunf strengthens Mercury. Asafetida, celery and cumin avoid Rahu problem. If there are problems relating to Rahu, then avoid having too many spices.

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