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Sai Baba is considered as one miraculous man, incarnation and god. He is the symbol of worship. His birth and other stuff are not hidden. His main place is Shirdi, Maharashtra. People visit at this place. 

He gets respect in every religion. Every religion people believe him. His worship is done on Thursday. His worship is usually done by three ways. Chamatakari Purush, Bhagwan Rup and Guru Rup. It is extremely beneficial to worship in the form of Guru.

Marriage: It is not possible for getting marriage or good marital life without good Jupiter. It would be difficult to getting married if Jupiter is weak. If Jupiter is impaired then it would be difficult to run the marital life. Jupiter can be strengthening by worshiping Sai Baba. This avoids obstacles in marriage. One should do special remedy of Sai Baba for marriage on Thursday.

Take sankalp of worship of Sai Baba by wearing yellow color clothes. Prepare sacrament at home. It is beneficial to prepare halava-puri and chana. You can also offer jaggery and chana. Visit Sai Baba temple and offer yellow flower garland. Then do Sai stuti or do meditation at worship place. Pray for early marriage after worship. Donate sacrament to poor people. Do this for five Thursdays.

Take charan sign of Sai Baba at home or visit Sai Baba temple. Wear yellow color clothes. Keep one yellow flower on his feet. Chant Sai Charitra or his psalm “Om Shri Sai Pritivardhnaya Namah”. Keep yellow flower under your head in bed room after worship. It is beneficial to do this remedy for long time.

Good Luck: In horoscope, if Jupiter is weak then donate banana at religious place.

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