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Many people faces skin problem. Many times people cannot understand the reason of skin problem. Skin problem disturb the concentration. 

Skin becomes dry in winter. Some conjunction of planet creates skin problem. This problem increases with time.

Skin becomes dry when Venus is weak. Skin also starts to burst. If Venus is weak then glands, which create oil in body, it will not work properly. 

One gets allergy and infection if Mercury is weak. If Venus is weak then children may face thyroid problem.

If Jupiter is weak then fry-oily food creates acidity. People who suffers with acidity, they have dry skin. They may face eczema. 

If Skin is dry and one face gas and acidity problem, they may face problem in marital life. Children or elders should avoid taking stress.

Do not take frequent bath if skin remains dry. Do not come in water contact frequently. Use more lukewarm water and less cold water. 

Do not apply oil on skin if it becomes dry. If skin is dry then mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it on body.

Do this remedy for taking bath. The consumption of carrot improves skin. It gives natural moisturizer to the body. Apply mustard or coconut oil on navel. 

Do not let acid and gas in the body. Use less soap. You can clean your skin with besan, turmeric and sandalwood.

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