How to Worship Lord Shanidev on Saturday to Get Extra Benefits?

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Shani is considered a judge in planets. Shani is responsible for every work and its fruit done by a person. Shani determined livelihood, disease and struggle in life. 

A person can avoid problem by worshiping Shani. A person can get success in career and wealth. The worship of Shani gives more benefit if it is done with care and understanding.

Do not worship Shani in front of Shani statue. Worship lord Shani at such a place where he is the form of shila. Worship the Shami or Peeple tree in the form of symbol way. 

It is extremely beneficial to light lamp in front of Shani dev. However, do not waste oil. Those who want to worship Shani dev; they should keep good behavior and conduct.

It is extremely beneficial to worship lord Shani on evening. On Saturday, first worship lord Shiva or Krishna. Then chant “Om Shum Shanecharaya Namah” or any other Shani’s psalm in evening. 

Put water in the root of peeple tree. Then, light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree. Give food to any poor on Saturday. Do not eat any vengeful food on Saturday.

Good Luck: Offer red flower to lord Hanuman on Saturday evening. This avoids health issues related to Shani.

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