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The mind becomes weak due to stress. Stress affects everyone. Watching more television or mobile affects the intelligence. The rich food affects the intelligence. 
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The high intake of gram flour or junk food affects the intelligence. Waking up late also affects intelligence.

The habit of speaking more affects the intelligence. The more thinking affects the intelligence. Avoiding study affects the intelligence. 

Reading books increase intelligence. It makes memory sharp. The wisdom reduces if you criticize jealousy and anger.

One should wake up before sunrise. One should see the Sun. This will strengthen the mind and increase the memory. 

One should take walk in the morning. This will increase concentration and sharpen the memory. You can do breathing exercise.

One can do suryabhedi pranyama. It also balances the emotions. One should avoid leaving duplicate or dual life. Spend some time at calm place or alone. 

You can do swadhyay. You can chant Gayatri psalm. You should do at least for one year. This will increase your memory and concentration.

You can also chant “Om Aem Hrim Klim Namash Chandikaya” for one year. This will increase your memory power and sharpen the memory. You have to chant this psalm during sunrise or between the 40-45 minutes of sunrise.

One should do remedy for cough or najala. You can do massage with Amla oil or hibiscus flower. Prepare powder of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, almond, walnut and black pepper and drink it with milk.

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