Mars enter in Aquarius - check out Impact On Your Rashi

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Mars enter in Aquarius
Mars enter in Aquarius sign on 6th November. Mars will remain in Aquarius sign till 23rd December. There will be sudden change in atmosphere. Weather will remain uncertain. Strong winds may run after 20th November. Problems will remain relating to vehicle and water. Take care while doing fire work. Criminal activities will increase. Veterans should take special care. The financial condition will improve.

Aries: Aries zodiac will get good result. They have to work hard. Take care of your health. The time is good to strengthen the relationship. They give benefit.

Taurus: Take care of throat, tooth, hair and eyes problem. Take care of heart related problem. Control on your mood swing. Take care of your mother. Taurus zodiac may get benefit from business and employment. Take advice while taking decision. They will get respect. Drink water in copper utensil.

Gemini: Take care of health. Eat balanced food. Eat your meal before 3 hours of sleep. Avoid cold food. Drink basil and black pepper juice. The relatives can be upset. The time is good for business. Keep patience in share market. Promotion is expected.

Cancer: Cancer zodiac should take care of cold and heat problem. Drink lukewarm water with lemon. There will be conflict between husband-wife. Child related problems can cause trouble. Spend money in business with care. The time is good for employment. Think before signing any document.

Leo: Leo zodiac can face eyes, blood, stomach and uterus problem. Do exercise for waist and shoulder. Give time to family. Take care of life partner’s health. Avoid anger.

Virgo: Virgo zodiac should take care of neck and eyes problem. Take light food. Avoid rich food. Improve your relations with father and veterans. The time is good for business and employment. There will be profit in land, cosmetics, building material and vehicle business. One can dip money. Chant Gajendra Moksha. Take care in employment. Keep transparency in life.

Libra: Libra zodiac should take care of heart, kidney or lung problem. Drink water in copper glass. Family members will get happiness. The time is good for business and employment. Students have to work hard. They will get benefit from January. Businessman can get good benefit by taking strong decision. The time is good for art and media workers. Spirituality gives benefit.

Scorpio: Scorpio zodiac will get mixed result. They will get benefit of health and prestige. Take care while taking decision. Think before speaking. Take care of customers and team.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac can get benefit of health. Take care of nose and eyes. Take care of family members. Mother and life partners’ relations create problem. Take control on speech. Take care in business partnership. Keep yourself in low profile. Wait till 3rd December for new partnership. They may get promotion. Share market or business promise employee cannot get benefit. The prestige will increase.

Capricorn: Capricorn zodiac should take care. Take care of headache and stomach problem. Anger can create problem. Do not take too much weight. Take care of legs. Massage your legs with mustard oil. Married people should take care of in laws house. Partnership can create problem.

Aquarius: Aquarius zodiac should take care stomach and waist. Drink basil, black pepper and ginger juice daily. There can be conflict in family. The time is normal for business. Do not take big decisions. Take care while taking decision. Take care of your prestige. Students can get success in competitive exam.

Pisces: Pisces zodiac can face shoulder, heart, blood pressure and kidney problem. Take walk on grass. Donate urad lentil on Saturday. Friend can create stress for you. The time is normal for business. People with intelligence can get benefit. The enemy becomes weak. The time is beneficial for spiritual and education work.

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