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The prophecy done when twins born on same lagan. However, there is difference between their fortunes. If they have less than four minutes difference then they face problem. 

If lagan is different of twins then it is easy to understand their horoscope.The horoscope of twins is different even though it controls by different planets. Usually, one person is very lucky and other has to do struggle.

If Twins were born when the owner of fifth house is in dual sign or when Mercury or Moon is santankarak. The radix 1, 6 and 9 has more chances to get twins. 

Sometime, the result of fortune chances after the birth of twins. Usually, twins take the fortune on heights.

Parents should do rudrabhishek for twins’ child after their birth. Take special care of their elder child. Child who has more struggle in horoscope, cover his finger with water element gemstone. 

Do not keep co-ordinate name of twins. Do not keep name on same word. Keep at least one year distance in their marriage.

Parents can do some remedy to calm down the negative constellation. Do not give non veg food to twins at least four years. Chant Vishnusahastranam for first four months. Try to strengthen the main planet of twins.

Good Luck: Chant Gayatri psalm in the home in morning. This will avoid negative energy and vastu dosha.

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