Why Naughty Children Don't Study? - Astro Upay to Make Them Study

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It is not the good sign that child always quarrel with other. If child’s mind does not like to study then it is not good sign. 

naughty child
It is not good sign that child always does prank. It is not good symptom that child behave improper with parents.

The atmosphere should be good for child’s education. Motivate children for education. Give plenty of water to naughty children. 

They can do some exercise before study. Naughty children’s parent should keep patience. Parents should make friendship with naughty children.

Children become naughty due to more love. Children become naughty due to lack of advice on time. Talk with naughty children. 

Give milk and water in silver glass to naughty children. Cover hard silver piece in throat. Naughty children should serve mango or banyan tree.

Do massage on tip of leg and hand’s thumb of naughty children. Put white, green or yellow color on thumb of naughty children. 

Do this remedy before bed. Naughty children should do more physical exercise. Provide balanced food to naughty children.

Cover ring in thumb of naughty children. Naughty children can wear root of aswagandh or white sandalwood piece in blue color thread.

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