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The investment is beneficial for those whose investment house is good. Those whose luck house is good they get benefit from investment. Such people whose Mercury is good they get benefit from investment.

Many people invest in land, house, property and stock market. However, they face problem. Such people invest their money in gold, iron and other metal. Many people face losses in investment.

In this case, chant Ganpati atharvsirsh regularly. If you cannot chant it regularly then you should chant it on Wednesday. 

Keep goddess Lakshmi in the home. Chant “Om Aem Hrim Klim Namah Chandikaya” at night. You should chant it daily.

You have to do at least one garland of this psalm. One can keep fast on Fridays to get benefit from investment. Donate yogurt to small girls on Fridays. It is beneficial to invest money in infrastructure. 

It is also beneficial to invest money in gold-silver, metal or bullions. It is not beneficial to invest money in grains. It is advisable to invest money in late profit investment.

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