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Aries: The first six months are not too good. Avoid disease. There may be problem or clutter. After 6 months, the luck will improve. The time will be good for foreign journeys. Daily do pranam to elders. Squeeze the plants.

Taurus: There may be conflict with life partner. There may be problem in partnership. The health will improve. The problem will be resolved. Taurus zodiac will get new opportunities. There may be special thing happen for home, business and employment. Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspataye Namah” daily. Cover yellow color thread on right hand’s wrist through veteran or idol on Shukla Paksha’s Thursday.

Gemini: Take care of disease. Gemini zodiac will get rid of obstacles and problems. Do not take stress. Keep track of routines. They will get opportunities. Debt may reduce. Serve cow on Thursdays.

Cancer: There will be struggle till December. Cancer zodiac may face stomach and back problem. Enemy slowly becomes friends. They will get new opportunities. There will be a big change in life. They will get success in new work. Do not get arrogance. Take care of back and stomach.

Leo: Leo zodiac will get good result. The pending work may finish. The thinking can change. They will get new energy. Take care of mother’s health. Mix sugar, rice and rolli in water. Offer it to Sun. Chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah”.

Virgo: The fortune will be strong. Improve your relations with small siblings. Do not do more travel. There will be stability in life. Accept new opportunities. Wear brass ring first finger. Feed rotti with jaggery to cow daily.

Libra: Libra zodiac can get financial benefit. Avoid disease. There may be problems in home. Take care of your health. Give food to veterans of the home. Give rotti to cow daily. Give food to any veteran daily. Cover yellow color thread in right hand’s wrist.

Scorpio: The fortune will increase. Soak barley in milk and flow it in running water on Saturdays. Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspataye Namah” daily. Chant “Om Ram Rahave Namah” before bed. The pending work will be completed.

Sagittarius: The time is weak for health, friendship and relocation. Sagittarius zodiac may get new opportunities. Donate or feed jaggery or jaggery products daily. Wear yellow color thread through idol or veteran of the home.

Capricorn: Capricorn zodiac will get many opportunities. They may get love relationship. The bad effect of Mars and Shani will reduce. There can be new work. Offer water to Sun during sunrise. They have to work hard.

Aquarius: The prestige may increase. There will be positive change in employment. Do not make conflict with veterans or elders. Donate honey in temple on Thursdays.

Pisces: Pisces zodiac may get new opportunities. However, they may face problem till January. The last work can stop. The new work will start after February. Chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah” daily. Do turmeric tilak on throat.

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