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Run dosha affect prestige and child happiness. Run dosha can break hope of child birth. Run dosha increase disease in the home. 

One face worries of veterans. Run dosha creates problem in relationship. Run dosha create problem in every Mangal work.

Do not cheat anyone in any way to get rid of run dosha. Flow coconut in water on new moon day. This avoids run dosha. 

Give silver coin or rice to mother or woman similar to mother on your birthday. This avoids run dosha. First, donate salty food on your birthday to get rid of run dosha.

One can do Rudrabhishek and donate food on birthday. This avoids run dosha. If teeth start falling after the age of 35 or one cannot get child happiness then do some remedy. 

Burn 51 kaudiya in cow upala and prepare ash. Flow this ash in water on new moon day or full moon day after sunset.

One should do atonement to avoid run dosha. One can feed the fish. This avoids run dosha. If Mangal works stopped due to run dosha then feed sweet rotti to crows and birds. 

Start this remedy before 43 days of auspicious work. If disease create problem in Mangal work then serve 100 cows before auspicious work.

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