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The habit of Forgetting small things should be taken seriously. A person start forgetting big thins due to habit of forgetting. Moon is main factor for weak memory. 

One cannot take stress. Children do not take stress and they start forgetting small things.

One should become alert when they get more stress. Avoid taking stress. Stress hormone affects hippocampus and adrenal glands. 

Therefore, the memory power decreases. The situation becomes serious after the age of 50.

In horoscope, Ketu effects Shani or Rahu affects Moon then take less stress. Try to take less stress. One should try to increase mind power to reduce stress. 

Therefore, person can take stress. A person can take less stress if the mind cells are strong.

One should strengthen Venus. A person remains happy if Venus is strong. Use less medicine to increase the mind power. One can do anulom-vilom. 

Drink more water and use silver. Try to take more oxygen. Do not let blood clots in the body. You can do exercise.

Neem increases the ability to take stress. Good music also increases the memory power. Try to stay with animal-birds. Start seeing other people. 

Do satsang and understand the behaviorism of life. Chew the neem kopale. Use harad.

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