Symptoms Being foodie And Astro upay

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Gourmet relates with digestive system and tongue. Digestive system relates with Jupiter. Venus is responsible for taste. Those whose Jupiter-Venus is prime they have habit of having more food.

Jupiter causes habit of eating too much food. This habit depends on food quantity. People feel hunger all time. They eat plenty of food many times. Jupiter also causes obesity and weak digestive system.

Venus causes habit of taste and delight. This habit depends on taste of different types of food. In this case, people eat more food due to taste and greed. This type of people cannot eat without taste. Venus causes diabetes and eyes problem.

On the above cases, eat food in little interval. Do not eat plenty of food at a time. When you get more hunger then lie down right. Take little bit water in right hand and drink it before food. Keep face on east side while having food. Wear emerald by consulting an astrologer.

Good Luck: Always eat food with calm mind and with happiness. The food will improve your health. It is always beneficial for you.

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