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Nowadays, people get habit of late sleeping. Many young people drink bed tea. Habit of late sleeping and bed tea can damage the body. 

The saliva with bed tea increase bile problem in the body. Drinking water in morning calm down the bile in the body.

Heart and mind becomes healthy with good food. Our mind becomes same as we eat. We must have eaten plenty of food in the morning. 

We must have eaten less food compared to the morning. We must have eaten very few at night. Use more veg food in the meal. We should eat wheat, oatmeal, barley and linseed in our meal.

Eat sprout gram daily. Mix black salt or rock salt in fry gram. It is necessary to eat balance food to work hard. Eat plenty of fruits between breakfast and lunch. 

Mix tomato, white onion, potato, gram, bans, half apple and papaya with lemon, black salt and ginger. This mixture of beneficial to strengthens the body.

Do not eat food when Sun is above the head. Use rotti and brown rice in meal. The mixture of gram flour in rotti strengthens the body. 

The barley juice strengthens and sharpens the mind. Soak one teaspoon wheat, 20 raisins and 4 almonds in one glass water for overnight. Eat this in morning.

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