What to Eat and What not to Eat During Savan Month? - Astro Upay

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Do not eat eggplant in savan. It is considered impure as per the savan month. It is beneficial to eat eggplant in summer. There are more worms in monsoon. Eggplant becomes impure in monsoon. White color worms are found in eggplant. Therefore, every stuff that gets worm it should be avoided. Wash the guava and eat it. Do not eat spinach in savan.

Do not use juicy food, spices and ghee stuff in savan. Food gives benefit if you eat according to season. Do not eat yogurt in savan. Do not intake curry in savan. People who suffer with breath, cold, cough and stomach problem they should avoid having curry. Do not eat meat-fish in savan. Do not eat onion and garlic in savan. Avoid having rice at night in savan. If you eat rice then put clove in it.

In savan, the function of liver becomes weak. The moisture increase and mind remains disturbed. It is beneficial to eat maize seeds. You can fry the maize and put lemon on it. You can also boil maize and put lemon and salt on it. Extract the maize seeds and boil it. When it becomes dry then mix ghee in it.

You can mix black salt in maize. Black salt avoids bile problem. Maize seeds are very beneficial for pregnant women and children. Maize seed contains vitamin B12. It strengthens bones and body becomes strong. Mix maize seeds in milk and drink it. It gives benefit. It also increases the thinking ability. One can do hard work.

Maize seeds are beneficial for anemia patient. Maize contains folic acid therefore, it makes body strong. Maize strengthens body and bones. Children and elders should eat maize seeds. It gives benefit. Mix cow ghee and sugar in maize seeds. Grind the seed and eat them. Many people suffer with eye disease. Maize is beneficial to strengthen eyes. Prepare thick gravy of potato. Fry the potato and maize differently. Mix potato and maize in gravy.

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