Things You shouldn't Do in Daily Life - Astro Upay

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If you find someone else's stuff dropped, do not use it for yourself. If you use dropped stuff then Jupiter, Sun and Rahu gives bad effect. If there are too many red ants in home then do not let them stay. 

Things You shouldn't Do in Daily Life - Astro Upay

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You can put turmeric and stop the red ants. Never censure others. Sun and Rahu gives bad result by censuring others. Never do isshninda. Never keep negative thinking for other religion.

If nails become too much shiny and black then one should do hormone test. The size of the Moon below the nails is as good as it is. If there is no sign of Moon below the nails then eat walnut. 

Wake up early and sleep early. Always stay in touch with good people. If there is a net in the house then remove it yourself. If you are suffering with net in the home then chant Gayatri yagna for 11 days.

One can use Khair or Devdaar wood in Gayatri yagna. It is extremely beneficial to use mango wood in Gayatri yagna. One should use cow ghee, sesame and panchmeva in Gayatri yagna. 

Do not keep broken idol in worship. If you keep broken idol under tree then planets give bad result. You should crush the broken idol. You should properly immerse broken idol. The pleasures of life are reduced by the habit of ribs walking.

Rahu and Shani give bad results if one does defecation at anywhere. Planets give bad results if you sleep in Gaudhuli bela. 

Do not sleep in evening. Light lamp in the evening. Do not wear other’s shoes-chappals. If you wear other’s shoes then planets give bad results.

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