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One can positively change child’s thought. Never criticize children without reason. If child’s concentration distract from study between 12 and 15 ages then check his activities. 

Motivate Your Child for Study

The hormone changed during the age of 12-15. The thoughts change due to hormonal change. TV, mobile and internet affects children life. Make limited use of TV, mobile and internet. The more use of mobile affect mind and eyes.

Some children are not interested in studies. The pressures of being financially competent take away children from studies. 

Give children the confident to make worth. The opposite look of planets disturbs the balance of children. The effect of Mars, Shani, Rahu and Ketu disturb the children mind from study.

Offer coconut to lord Shiva on every Saturday. Cover your throat with solid silver ball in silver chain. Parents should take walk and talk with children. 

Donate flour and sugar through children on full moon day. Cover child’s throat with the root of sarpgandh in white color thread.

Run the kids barefoot. Donate tea or tea leaves on Saturday. Children should avoid blue, black and red color clothes. Keep water and rice in silver utensil and put it in child’s head. 

Children should not go in bathroom without chappals. Children can donate yogurt to small girls on Saturday.

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