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One should become good and useful person. Good people take wrong decision in sentimentality. When Moon is very weak then we should remain alert. Weak Moon creates problem n relations, love relationship, marital life etc.
Bad Decision

Life remains half due to Pitrudosh. If you become imbalance in small matters then Moon can make you incomplete.

Do not use glass utensil. Drink milk in silver utensil. Serve banyan tree. Such people should not be possessive. 

Try to ignore such things and matters. Put milk and water in pottery and keep at worship place before going outside from the home.

Do not become attention seeker. People praise attention seeker however; they run away. 

Attention seeker may become loneliness. Spend time in front of Sun. keep honey in water and do Rudrabhishek.

Chant “Om Rudraya Namah”. Try to speak less. They should do practical work. Eat one orange daily. 

Eat Amla powder before bed. Avoid having cold food. Live under vicinity of mother. They should read more. Cover right hand wrist with red color thread.

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