Astrology Upay to Make Your Trip Successful

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Such people whose Moon is weak they face problem in journeys. If Moon is weak then mind gets bruised. 

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If Ketu is weak then one faces many problems in journeys. If Ketu is weak then travel brings sorrow.

Sometime student’s mind bruised when they go outside for study. In this case, wear strong silver ball and root of aswagandh in silver chain. 

Wear this in grey color thread. If the Moon is weak then it is difficult to travel.

Sometime due to lack of facility mind gets bruised. Children can concentrate on study if they do some remedy for Moon and Ketu. 

Feed jaggery and gram to monkeys on Tuesday.

Take rice from mother or woman equal to your mother before going outside. Keep it with you. 

Flow blue or violesecent color flower in water after sunset for 43 days.

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