Astrology Upay For Mental Problems

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The more anger or insomnia is the symptom of mental problem. Not being focus on your work may create mental problem. 

Astrology Upay For Mental Problems

Mental Problems
If you remain too much restless regarding your work then it may create mental problem.

The more emotion also create mental problem. If you forget or memory power becomes weak then you may suffer with mental problem. 

Convert your aim in small task. Do not worry about result. Make distances from troubles of relationship.

Sit in good company. Trust in life. Wear more white, yellow and green color clothes. 

Fill the water in white, yellow or green color glass bottle and put it in sunlight for three days. Then, drink this water.

Do not intake hot and spicy food. Take full sleep. Clean your sole with wet cloth before bed. Keep 50-60 gm ratti seed in white color cloth and put it near head. 

It gives good sleep. Increase attachment to nature. Use aswagandh and mishri. Eat linseed in the morning. One can use brahmi.

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