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When Moon or Sun prepares conjunction with Rahu-Ketu then person has to make struggle. Serve cow, idol and temple when you face too many problems. In this case, chant Aditya Hriday Strot in front of Sun. 

Facing Troubles In Your Life
Do Gayatri yagna on Sunday. Feed people on Sunday. Do not wear blue and black color clothes. They can wear white, pink and green color clothes.

Sometime, there is such yoga when friends cannot give support. In this case, offer water to Moon daily. Wear yellow color thread in your right hand wrist through idol. 

Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspataye Namah” on Thursday. Take blessing from veterans. Wear 10-12 ratti firoza in silver chain on Friday.

Many time works cannot complete. In this case, open the walnut and empty it. Keep surma in it and wear it in black thread. Donate milk on glass on Tuesday. 

Sometime, Mars create shortage of money during some important work. In this case, keep Shri Yantra on Friday. Then, regularly chant “Om Shri Namah”. Donate food to 8 year below age girl daily.

If you face shortage of money while doing important work then serve banyan tree. They can keep silver near the head. Keep silver on four sides of the bed. 

Chant “Om Dum Durgyay Namah” before bed. Light Panchdipak in southeast side to avoid stress from the home. 

Clean the kitchen before bed. Worship rasoi in the morning. Take first grass for idol or cow. Donate urad and honey on Saturdays. Family members should avoid taking free gifts.

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