Taste can Change your Future - Astrology & Taste

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taste & astrology
Sweet: Sweet taste is considered of Jupiter. Some sweetness represent Sun. The Sun sweetness is little hot. It is not necessary that Jupiter sweetness is hot. In horoscope, if Jupiter or Sun is strong then person like to eat sweet. If one face problem due to Jupiter or Sun then avoid having sweet.

Sour: Sour taste represents Venus. In horoscope, if there is impact of Venus then person likes to eat sour food. They get too much glamour and live luxurious life. Do not eat sour food if your keep fast on Friday.

Salty: Salty taste represents Moon. In horoscope, if there is impact of Moon then person likes to eat salty food. They behave like child. They are beautiful and emotional. If you are suffering with stress then do not eat salty food.

Bitter: Bitter taste represent Sun. If there is impact of Sun then person likes to eat bitter food. They face eye problem and domestic problem. They also have bitter speech. If you start like to eat bitter food then start offering water to the Sun.

Spicy: Spicy taste represents Mars. If the Mars is strong then person likes to eat spicy food. They are very courageous. They do not care about anyone. If you have less courage then eats spicy food.

Peppery: Peppery taste represents Mercury. If the Mercury is strong then person likes to eat peppery food. They are talkative, beautiful, salutary and clever. Talkative and overconfidence people should avoid having peppery food.

Good Luck: Sit on wooden bench while having meal. Keep it above navel. This avoids stomach problem and obesity.

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