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Sole Size
Sole and palm directly relates with wealth and power. Sole denotes journey of the person. Wealth and health problem can be solved through Sole. Palm sign are normal but Sole sign are special.

Long Sole: It is the sign of stupidity. In reality, it is the symptom of special mercy of god. They are lazy however, they get success.

Small Sole: The small sole gives mental stress. They get success after struggle. The situation improves with aging.

Normal Sole: They do not indicate more information. One can see its thumb of leg. If the thumb line near the sole is good then normal sole gives good result.

Leg Finger: If thumb is small compared to beside finger then it increase luck. If little finger of leg is very small then it disturbs the marital life. If little finger of leg is big then person cannot face shortage of money. If leg fingers are scurvy then it creates yoga of two marriages. If leg thumb is very big then it is the symptom of disease.

Sole Color: If the color of sole is natural and clear then person remains healthy. If sole color is not similar then person will be artful. If the sole color is pink then person will be prosperous and rich. If sole color is yellow then it creates problem in marital life.

Sole Line: If one line goes from sole and thumb then person would be intelligent. The less line indicates more luck. If there are knots on sole then person has to face problem for livelihood. It is very rare to have shell or wheel on sole. It is found in great man.

Symptom: If there is mole on sole then person get boon of journey and wealth. If one gets cuts on sole frequently then there is a shortage of vitamin and minerals in the body. If the sole remains cold then there is imbalance of hormones. The dry sole indicates skin problem.

Good Luck: Never keep swastik crooked or upside down. This creates big problem.

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