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Indications of Problem
There will be problem if speech is harsh and stomach is disturbed. If you do not get happiness from maternal aunt and grandfather then it may create problem. Do not serve birds in the home if you cannot save wealth. Donate rice, sugar, juicy fruits, silver, water, turmeric, gram flour, jaggery and umbrella in temple.

If the main gate of home is in south side and women of the home remains ill and there would be difference with parents. If earlier father was rich but he loss wealth and your childbirth is late. In these cases, rotate alum in one cup water for 10 minutes and gargle. Brush your teeth with babul. Feed birds.

If your childhood passes in trouble then take care. Wear Shani’s challa (iron ring) in middle finger. Also, wear silver chain. Keep limited relationship with brother in law and sister in law. Apply mustard oil on rotti and feed it to cow.

If mother and maternal uncle has spend their life in struggle, childbirth get delay, neighbors not giving support, friends does not give support in difficulty. In these cases, put sugar in pottery on new moon day. Hide it in secluded place.

If throat, stomach, friends and skin remains disturb then one might face difficulty. It is symptom of problem in love and peace. Donate sari to sister in law. Do Rudrabhishek on birthday and offer modak to Ganesha. On Wednesday, keep honey, batasha and moong daal in yellow clothes and donate to poor once in a month.

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