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Kids Health
Moon plays an important role in child’s life. Moon impacts till the age of 12. The first 8 years of life Moon is very strong. Then Mercury impacts on life. Moon is very important for healthy child. Then one has to pay attention to Sun.

Jaundice: Sit the child for ten minutes in Sun light. Child can take bath with water that keep in sunlight. Child should wear more red color clothes.

Cold-Cough: Child should take bath with salt water in morning-evening. Child can wear half silver Moon in throat. Donate white products on Monday.

Stomach: Child can wear copper Sun in red thread in throat. Also, sit in sunlight. Child can wear white and light color clothes.

Injury: Take vermillion that applies to lord Hanuman in temple on Tuesday. Apply this vermillion in child’s throat or forehead.

Good Luck: Donate water on Sunday. This removes defamation yoga.

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