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Palm is the photocopy of horoscope. We can know the condition of planets through study of palm. Thumb is very important in hand. 

One can know about life and emotions through study of thumb. We can know about mind and wealth with thumb. Thumb also denotes the devotion of work.

Usually, there are parv in thumb. It is extremely beneficial to have three parv in thumb. First parv denotes willpower. 

Second parv denotes knowledge and logic. Third parv denotes silent knowledge. Sometimes, there are divine eyes on it. A person has more powerful as the parv is big.

A person would be very intelligent when thumb is long. He maintains his impact and field. Equal thumb makes person artist and emotional. They have wonderful capacity of creation. 

The more angle thumb makes person divine. They are symbol of command and intelligence. Small thumb makes person angry and freak. Sometimes, they become criminal.

In morning, see your palm. Take control on your nature and food habits. Do gyan mundra in morning and evening. 

Apply sandalwood tilak to god with your thumb. Wear enjoined silver ring in thumb.

Good Luck: Avoid shaking hands. It is beneficial to meet hand joining.

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