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Prestige: Worship lord Sun for fame. Daily morning offer water to Sun in copper urn. Mix rolli in water. Do tilak with the remaining rolli. This gives fame.

Marriage: Worship goddess Durga. Light ghee lamp in front of goddess Durga. Offer red flower to goddess. Women can offer sindoor. Chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah”.

Job: Worship lord Shani. Keep fast on Saturday. Pour water in people tree before sunrise. Light mustard oil lamp under people tree on evening. Then chant Shani psalm. Eat and feed urad khichadi at night.

Business: Worship goddess Lakshmi. Keep goddess Lakshmi image sitting on pink flower. Offer rose fragrance to goddess before starting of work. Also, apply this fragrance. You will get success in business.

Age & Health: Worship lord Shiva for age. Daily morning offer panchamrut on Shivaling. Then offer water. Chant “Om Juhu Saha Maam Palay Palay” for 108 times. This protects age and health.

Debt: Worship lord Hanuman. Daily offer vermillion to lord Hanuman. Women can offer red flower. Light nine face ghee lamp in front of him. Offer jaggery to lord Hanuman. Chant “Om Namo Bhagwate Anjaneyay Mahabalay Swaha” for 108 times. This avoids debt and litigation.

Good Luck: Always keep clean your mirror clean. Avoid seeing your face in dirty mirror.

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