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government job
Shani is main factor for job. Other evil plants also responsible for getting job. In horoscope, sixth and eleventh house has direct relation with job. The owner of these houses also helps for getting job. Fire and earth signs helps for getting job.

A person gets government job when Sun or Moon is strong in horoscope. If there is panch mahapurush yoga or more than mahapurush yoga in horoscope. One gets government job when Shani is strong or during sade sati or dhayya. One gets government job when there are two lines of Sun or cross on Jupiter mountain.

A person faces problem in getting government job when Jupiter is very strong or there is grahan yoga or guruchandal yoga in horoscope. One cannot get government job when Shani relates with money place in horoscope or when palm color is black or it has mole on it. One cannot get government job when there is valay or luck line is broken.

Daily morning touch your parents feet. Offer water to the rising Sun. Chant Gayatri psalm for 108 times in morning-evening. Wear ruby or sapphire by consulting an astrologer. Use more light red color.

Good Luck: Do not let dust on work table. This decreases luck.

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