How to Start for Stepping Stone to Success ?

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Personality decreases when Sun, Moon and Mars are weak. One cannot get sharp eyes due to weak Sun, Moon and Mars. Bhungima also become weak due to weak Sun, Moon and Mars. Stand in front of Sun and speak “Om”.

This increase confidence. The eyes become sharp when Sun and Mars is good. Keep water in green or orange bottle. Keep this in sun light. Clean your with this water.

Keep water in silver utensil. Keep this in moon light for 15 days. Drink this water with empty stomach in morning. A person become slack due to lack of vitamin D.

Sit in sunlight for 20 minutes after sunrise. Drink lukewarm milk mixing linseed. Apply sesame or almond oil while sitting in front of Sun.

A lazy person becomes languorous. One should check thyroid. Drink wheat juice. Wear crystal necklace on Friday. Wear phiroza in silver chain on Friday. Regularly do tilak of turmeric and saffron.

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