Relation of Karma with Debt - Astro Upay to Reduce Debt

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Reduce Debt
Such bad work and responsibility which you did not fulfill that comes into debt in this birth. You won’t make progress until you pay for this debt. You can know about different debt from planets. There are mainly five types of debt. If you do such remedy for this debt then you can easily make progress in your life.

Kalatra Debt: Venus-Rahu creates Kalatra debt. This debt occurs when you don’t take your responsibility of family and do not follow honesty in life. In this case, you face problems in your life. You can chant Venus mantra and worship lord Shiva-Parvati. Also, you have to handle your responsibilities in family life.

Agyat Debt: Rahu is responsible for every debt. If Rahu is in second or eighth place then it creates Agyat debt. A person faces threat and mental disorder. In this case, donate light on Saturday. You can also donate blankets. You can chant Rahu mantra. You also have to take care of your food habits.

Jeeva Debt: If Ketu is in second or eighth place then Jeeva debt occurs. Killing birds-animals, cutting green trees are responsible for this debt. In this case, person faces threat, mental disorder and defamation. You must have to feed rotti to dog on Saturday. You can plant peeple tree. You can worship lord Bhairav.

Dev Debt: This debt occurs due to Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in ninth place. It occurs due to dishonor of god-goddess and not handling your responsibilities. In this case, you must have to offer water to the Sun and chant Gayatri mantra.

Santan Debt: It occurs when there is a conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu in fifth place. It happens due to not handling your responsibilities. In this case, you must have to love your child, handle his responsibilities and chant Jupiter mantra.

Other Debt: If your horoscope is good and still you won’t make progress then any debt is create problem for you. In this case, you must have to donate light, food and clothes on new moon day. Chant Gajendra Moksha before sunrise for 40 days.

Remedy: If you use sandal fragrance after taking bath then it removes negative energy. Also, if you use rose fragrance then it removes depression.

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