Will you have Good Relations With Others or Not?

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Good Relations
A person has many relations if his Jupiter and Sun finger is long. Children get more happiness if his curve of Moon is more. If there is no curve then relations remain for formality. If child’s life line is round then people love him more.

However, if life line is straight then person doesn’t get happiness even if he has many relations. If Venus Mountain is good then person would be attractive and sweet. They easily maintain good relations with others.

But, if Venus Mountain has mole or spot or it is downward then person feels every festival as formality. You get prestige and fame due to Sun. If there are two lines on Sun Mountain then person never face criticism in relationship.

If you don’t get happiness from relationship then you should tie up red or yellow color thread in your hand. You should talk with your relatives. You can feed your relatives and friends white Rasgoola.

You can keep Shwetark or basil plant in your home. You should light lamp in the evening. It strengthens your relations. You should teach your children to take part in happy-unhappy moments of others. Do not criticize others. Keep clove, black pepper and green elaichi in packet. It gives you benefit.

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