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Isht Dev
According to belief, everyone has their presiding deity. A person makes progress by worshiping them. Many people decide presiding deity based on horoscope. While, there would no relation of planets and astrology with presiding deity.

The presiding deity is decided based on ritual of prenatal. In this case, your presiding deity would be the one whom you have attraction without any reason. Planets never predicate god. Therefore, never predicate the presiding deity based on astrology. However, you can worship god-goddess to get rid of planet related problem.

Sun: Worship lord Sun to get rid of Sun related problems. Chant Gayatri mantra.

Moon: Worship lord Shiva to get rid of Moon related problems.

Mars: Worship lord Hanuman or Karikeya to get rid of Mars related problems.

Mercury: Worship goddess Durga to get rid of Mercury related problems.

Jupiter: Worship lord Shrihari to get rid of Jupiter related problems.

Venus: Worship goddess Lakshmi or Gauri to get rid of Venus related problems.

Shani: Worship lord Shiva or Shri Krishna to get rid of Shani related problems.

Rahu: Worship lord Bhairav to get rid of Rahu related problems.

Ketu: Worship lord Ganesha to get rid of Ketu related problems.

You should worship lord Sun to purify body and mind. You should offer water to the Sun. You can also stand in front of the rising Sun. Pulses of the body and planets get enough amount of energy.

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