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In horoscope, the fourth and seventh place is responsible for show off. Venus and Rahu is responsible for display and impound. A person does show off and demonstration if any of this planet is strong. If there is chaos in places or planets then person would be impound. A person whose birth date total is 4, 7 and 8 they easily become impound and show off.

Spiritual: When the owner of ninth place is weak or there is an impact of bad planets on ninth place then person become impound. It also happens when Venus is very strong and the owner of ninth place is weak. It happens when there is no planet in center part or Venus or Jupiter is very strong. You will get defamation. Your child would be unworthy or you won’t get happiness from your child. They have to many difficulties in older age.

Generosity: A person becomes dissimulator when Jupiter is weak and Rahu is strong. When only Venus is strong then also person become dissimulator. It happens when Rahu-Ketu is in center and Moon or Jupiter is contaminated. In this case, you will face serious disease. Sometime you may confront mental illness. They become poor/penniless once in life.

Honest: A person become very honest when there is auspicious planet in the center, Jupiter is strong and there is no impact of any bad planets. A person would be honest when Rahu is not with any planets. A person whose birth date total is 1, 2 and 9 they are honest. If you want to avoid pretense then you must have to worship Lord Sun. Chant Gayatri mantra regularly.

Remedy: You have to use less plastic. It morbid your Venus. It also contaminated an environment.

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