What your Fingers Indicates About Planets

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In astrology, straight fingers have special importance. When fingers are snaky then the nature of main planet change. You can check right hand’s fingers.

If Jupiter finger is sticky to the next finger then they need support from anyone. They have to work hard to get success. If Jupiter comes outside and its upper part is straight then it is considered beneficial. 

It increase self-confidence and intelligent. However, if Jupiter finger is bending towards Saturn then you should take care of food habits and conduct. If there is bad impact of Saturn then child do not use his intelligent.

It is considered beneficial if Saturn finger is bending towards Jupiter. They get good name in advocacy. They can build their career in judiciary. They have good capability of logic. They tell their thoughts with patience and calm. And people understand their thoughts too.

If Saturn finger is straight, upper part does not move toward Sun or backside or Saturn’s upper part move toward Jupiter then people give new direction toward society.

If Saturn finger moves toward Sun finger then people worship Sun whole life. You should do such remedies of Saturn otherwise you won’t get success. You won’t get prestige if Sun Mountain is downward. 

If Saturn finger bend towards Sun then you get prestige by your knowledge. You should take care of your cough and cold. You should do breathing exercise. Never eat juicy food after sunset.

It is not good if the below part of Mercury finger is big. A person has weak logic power. A person use shortcut to get success. A person face speech problem. Sometime they keep their tongue between teeth. A child cannot speak or share his thoughts. Their self-confidence is weak. 

In this case, you should do such remedy which increases his self confidence. But if Mercury finger is outside then person would be creative and clever. He can handle the situation easily.

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